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Thanks! Mike Ruddle

We would like to thank you for a great hunting experience this past deer season. You really know your area and your deer. Chris and I both killed our “Dream” bucks. His was a 160” 11 point and mine was a 170” 10 point. You made us local celebrities back home with the hometown newspaper reading “Gandy Brothers Bag Big Bucks.” We can’t wait to get back next year. Not only was the hunting great but the service was top notch. You and Sean were great and we feel like we made friends for a lifetime. This trip was supposed to be a family getaway for my dad, brother, and me and it turned out to be a trip we will never forget. Thanks Again,
Chris and Noel Gandy -- Waynesboro, Mississippi



I’ve hunted with Mike Ruddle and Central Plains Outfitters for the past two Spring turkey seasons. The first trip was an early season hunt and there were birds everywhere. I had filled my first tag by 10:00am on my first day out, and had my choice of four toms at 15 yards the second morning. This past season, I went out much later in the season. While the hunting was tougher, there were still birds around. It took three days, but I filled both tags.
Kansas is full of turkeys and the ground I hunted was no exception. This is a good place for a more experienced hunter to schedule a do-it-yourself type hunt. While I took birds solo on both trips, I also hunted with and scored with Mike. He worked hard to get me on birds and provided me with some excellent opportunities.
Two years - four tags - four birds. What more needs to be said.
Brad Brundies -- SW Illinois
I highly recommend Central Plains Outfitters for hunting Kansas. Me and my group have hunted with many different outfitters and never had anyone work as hard as Mike Ruddle. The conditions couldn't have been worse for deer hunting. The moon was full and the deer were locked down for post rut. Mike hustled every day trying to put us on deer. In the end we left with one nice deer and some great memories. Mike and his outfit make sure your hunt is as comfortable as possible. Good food and great camaraderie. This is a very professional and well run operation. We are excited to get back there next season to hunt with Mike and his crew.
Justin Sappington -- Victoria, Tx
Mike, I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our trip out there this year. We have been taking trips to Kansas for five years now and I can say that it was a pleasure to find guides like you. It's hard to find an outfitter that puts it all together like you do. You really have a great operation with all the stands you have set. I think I was only in my stand one time where I did not see a deer.
On my second day, I had the opportunity to shoot, but passed up a nice seven pointer that I think would have scored around 130, and a very nice nine pointer on the third day. Even though my brother, father, and friend, Tony, did not connect on a buck, they all had chances. The fourth day, I had a nice buck come into my set up about 20 yards. I tried to make it out through my binoculars and could see it was a main frame ten with one or two kickers. It was 6:40 am and I had a three more days left so I decided to let it go. After thinking about it all day and night, I thought I might have made a bad move. Mike talked me into going back to the same stand the next day. That turned out to be a VERY good idea. At 6:40 AM I had a deer come out and circle around to the same spot as the day before. I realized it was the same deer, so I got ready and made a good shot. After settling down and calling Mike, we started to trail my deer. To my surprise, I knocked down a deer of a life time. It had 22 score-able points and scored 228 1/8 inches.
I could not have asked for a better hunt. Even if I had not taken such a great deer, he earned our business for years to come. If you are looking for a great hunt, you could not ask for a guy who loves to hunt and will work harder for you than Mike.
Randy Bercume -- Massachusetts
I just wanted to contact you to say what a great time I had on that hunt. It was my first pheasant hunt and it was a very positive experience - I will definitely do it again sometime. Your dogs were not only beautiful, but also very well behaved in the field; it was very enjoyable to watch them work. I will most certainly recommend your service to others looking for a great hunting experience. Thank you once again.
Seth Johnson -- Kingman, Kansas
I had a great hunting experience in Kansas, being from Pennsylvania I rarely get to see the size and quality of deer like your state has. On day four of my seven day hunt is when it all came together - where preparation meets opportunity. I had seen this buck on the evening of day two, then hunted the same stand on day three and thought we should have given the stand a rest like you would back in PA, but Mike reasoned there must be a hot doe in there so I was back in that stand again on day four, which was a good thing. At 8:15am I killed my best buck to date – a 156 inch, 12-point.
It was nice to hunt with an outfitter that knows the difference between archery and gun hunting. Also, I really appreciated all the help with transportation and getting my cape and antlers ready to travel with me. Thanks for a great time – I hope to share a camp again soon.
Tim Creasy -- Bloomsburg, PA
Thank you to Mike and Shawn for a great turkey hunting trip.The hunting was great and and the service was just as good.I expect to be back again in the near future. I would also like to say thank you to the Mississippi boys it was a pleasure being in camp with you guys.All around this was a trip i will always remember. Thank you from Team Kentucky!
Jeremy Pugh -- Robards, KY
I want to thank Mike Ruddle and Central Plains Outfitters for the great hunting experience this year. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience and the outcome. On the third day of the hunt about an hour before sunset, I was hunting a stand in a hedgerow that bordered two corn fields on either side and a creek bottom in front and had not seen anything. I got fairly aggressive with the grunt call at about 5PM. Shortly after some aggressive calling, a nice 8-point buck stepped up out of the creek bottom at the edge of the corn field about 100 yards to my left. The buck was obviously responding to the call and made a fluid right turn and began briskly walking directly toward my tree stand. The wind was coming from my left and slightly behind so it was perfect for the buck’s approach to my stand. The sun was low in the west and to my right so it was difficult for the buck to see me as well in these conditions as the sky had already started darkening toward dusk. The buck moved rapidly, to my surprise, and closed the distance to about 50 yards along the edge of the corn field in maybe 30 seconds. I was standing ready to shoot as the buck approached. The buck closed to 40 yards and started moving broadside headed back into the creek bottom. He moved into one of the shooting lanes at 40 yards and I made a voice grunt to stop him in the lane. He stopped but I still had not drawn the bow! He stood there perfectly broadside at 40 yards while I quietly drew the bow, aimed and released. The shot was on target! The buck measured 125” with nice thick main beams and 4 to 5 inch eye guards.

This was my first bow kill, my first experience hunting from a tree stand, and the first time hunting whitetail deer. I had never hunted with an outfitter before this hunt either. Obviously I was fortunate this year. I had done everything I could to be ready and Mike had done his work as well. It all came together. I was impressed with Mike’s knowledge of the area, the deer, and archery hunting. He gave me a lot of good advice and I learned a lot this year from Mike and the other hunters in camp. Central Plains worked hard every day to get us into stands with opportunities for shots. A truly great time! I will be hunting with Central Plains Outfitters again and looking for a bigger buck next time!
Dave Wheaton -- Rosamond, CA
Thanks Mike for a fun time and a great Spring turkey season. Two for two ain't half bad for this Ol' Arky with wore out legs and wore out lungs. Thanks for letting me do what I can do and have fun doing it.
Phil "Ol' Arky" Weaver -- White Hall, Arkansas
Just wanted to let you know I had a great time hunting at your place last weekend. It was a 1st class experience. You kept us on turkeys all weekend. I look forward to coming back and hunt some gobblers. Thanks for the great hunting experience.
I want to thank you and the guys for making feel right at home. First time to hunt away from home. It was an experience I will never forget! Just to see a large buck then get the opportunity to take it with my bow. Memories I will treasure a lifetime!
Thanks again for making my trip a lasting memory! God Bless
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